Going Veganism and Skin Color Change

After I went vegan for some times, I found my skin really cleared up pretty much. The most obvious part would be my elbows seem to be like baby skin soft. I just can’t believe and this been surprised my friends and family as well. However, I do not notice much of other part of my skin get clearing like other vegetarians and vegans claimed.

There is one of my friends saying that the first 2 weeks after she went for vegan, she was observing that her skin is changing color. Her skin used to be of bronze tinge color and now she has a lighter fair skin which make her so happy and amaze her for quite some times. She has since then starting convert to full vegan until today.

vegan skin

Some would think that this is because of most vegetarians and vegans tend to be look a little pale due to most of them would ensure that their daily eating habit will include raw foods and green veggies like romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and etc.

The other of my friend who transformed from drinking dairy to soya bean and shifted from consuming regular cheese to veggie cheese has been observed a major change in her face. She used to get acnes and pimples on her face, and now her face change to become clean and she only observe one pimple left on her face now!

And yet another friend of mine had most parts of her skin clear up after she gave up consuming any dairy products for 2 months. However, I do believe that is still something related to the cow’s milk hormones. This is due to I do noticed in which the less dairy you take your skin will become better.

Can Sweet Potatoes Make Your Skin Better?

Yeah. It is a good practice for having sweet potatoes for your breakfast since these foods can be a good substitution for the sweet, refined breads and cereals that we normally eat for breakfast. This could make your skin become fairer after a period of time.

I have been consuming about 2 sweet potatoes for my breakfast everyday to make them as extra dietary switch that includes wholesome stir fried vegetables. I normally will mixed them with broccoli, snow peas, red bell peppers, garlic, carrots, kale, tofu, onions, and other stuffs. I have noticed a positive result happen on my skin as both of my hand skin become fairer and the freckles color seem to be lighter. This is delighting me the most.

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