Raw Pasta with Spinach/Cilantro Pesto


Say hello to the star of the show ladies and gentlemen! WOW! Now, I have made some tasty meals in my day, but this is one of the top 5 ever! Not just top 5 while trying to eat more raw foods, just top 5 out of everything ever! Please go make this, you will […]

Cilantro & Lemon Yellow Lentil Soup

Yellow Lentil Soup

What could be better than a creamy bowl of savory soup? Lentils are so delicious when their earthy sweetness is paired with the tart bright tang of lemon and cilantro. It is thick and creamy, but I added more liquid than I would if I was just making a dense dahl because I wanted this to be lighter and more soup like.

Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese

This is the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich ever! Seriously! It isn’t just the best VEGAN grilled cheese sandwich, it is the best grilled cheese sandwich period. I love these things, can you tell?Crispy, salty on the outside and creamy and spicy a…